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Exam Preparation Guides

We all know that reading TechNet or MSDN articles can be about as interesting as reading the dictionary, right? We believe that by studying for a Microsoft exam, you are giving yourself some extra motivation to start learning about a Microsoft product in a more focused way that you may do otherwise. Sometimes, even if you are an expert in the product, you may find yourself learning something new in the process. (For example, if you are a developer, taking an infrastructure-oriented exam might encourage you to learn a little more about server architecture than you might run across during your daily activities, or vice-versa.) At the end of the day, exams don't so much as prove that you know what you're talking about beyond a shadow of a doubt (since we all know a standardized test can't possibly prove complete competance), but know you're going to take an exam can give you an excuse to do some studying, so you do know what you're talking about when it matters. That's why we're not fans of "brain dump" sites that short-circuit the learning process. And that's why we're providing these exam prepartion guides, at no cost to you, to give you a chance to read the material and really learn about the products you're being tested on.