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Exam 70-480 Study Guide

Preparation help for Microsoft exam 70-480: Programming in HTML5 with JavaScript and CSS3. More information about this exam can be found at

A Few Notes from Becky
I used two books to help me study:

HTML5 Up and Running
by Mark Pilgrim
You can read my review of the book.
The Missing Manual: Javascript & jQuery
by By David Sawyer McFarland
You can read my reviewof this book, too.​

 I found the exam difficult to study for, simply because JavaScript, HTML5, and CSS3 behave so different across browsers, and browsers are in all different phases of adopting the new technology. In fact, I can't even say "browser" anymore because now Windows 8 apps use Javascript and HTML5. I felt like the exam sort of picked and chose several items that might work in some browsers and not others. Like I said, this made studying for the exam difficult and, frankly, I'm doubtful that the exam will be relevent for any period of time. That being said, I found that studying for this exam gave me a good opportunity to become familiar with the new features of HTML and to at least learn where the different browsers are in terms of adoption.

Microsoft Virtual Academy has an online course as well, which is helpful to check out at